.Things you need to be careful in case of buy counterfeit money worldwide

you can buy counterfeit money worldwide for all purposes. Sometimes some business needs the use of the counterfeit notes in their business. There some things that are used to check about the genuineness of the notes. When you are using the counterfeit you should be careful with these factors to make your note genuine. Here are some things to consider when you buy the counterfeit money. when you need to travel with them or use them.


In the genuine notes, the portrait appears to be lifelike and they also are distinctly away from the background. In case of counterfeit notes, they are lifeless and appear flat with the details seems to merged to the background, darken or mottled. This can found when they viewed in depth, so make sure your currency not found these obviously.


The lines in the genuine notes will appear to be clear and they will not be broken. On counterfeit notes, the lines are blurred and indistinct. Make your note in such a way that the line looks to be clear without broken.

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Serial number

It is very important to space the serial numbers evenly and appropriately as they are found in the genuine notes. Then ink that you use to print should be similar to the ink that you are using for the treasury seal. You can buy counterfeit money from Cameroon but make sure you concentrate on these features.

The paper of the money

Genuine money will have tiny red and blue fibers in them. Counterfeit notes also they are printing appear like genuine. but in the inspection that can found since they do the printing only on the surface and not like embedded. Make sure the note that you have printed like embedded in the surface of the notes.

Treasure seal and the Federal Reserve

It is very important to have sharp, distant and clear saw-tooth points of the Federal Reserve and Treasure seals. It can be easily found if the seal is blunt, uneven or broken saw-tooth points.

Whenever you buy the counterfeit money it is necessary to have checked the following details. before you move with them to avoid any further legal issues. When you make these measures you notes cannot be found as soon as they are viewed. we are dealing worldwide you ca order to buy counterfeit money worldwide.

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